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Pass the Paska: Ukrainian Easter Bread

April 12, 2022 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 2 Episode 29
Three Kitchens Podcast
Pass the Paska: Ukrainian Easter Bread
Show Notes

It is almost Easter and Heather has upped her baking game for Three Kitchens Podcast with a recipe for Paska Ukrainian Easter Bread, with a side of dried apricot jam. She did her best to bake all the love, positive thoughts and good wishes she could muster, while working with this beautiful, but time-consuming, bread recipe.

The end result was certainly worth the effort. It's a slightly sweet, soft and fluffy egg bread that goes perfectly with the apricot jam and a cup of tea. Maybe you'll want to bake Paska for your Easter celebrations, and we hope you'll join us in keeping the Ukrainian people in our hearts this Easter. 

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