Three Kitchens Podcast

Silky Squash Ravioli

January 11, 2022 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 2 Episode 16
Three Kitchens Podcast
Silky Squash Ravioli
Show Notes

There's just something special about home grown veggies. And fresh made pasta - don't get us started! Erin marries the two this week on Three Kitchens Podcast with her Butternut Squash Ravioli and it knocks our socks off.

What a combination! Silky, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth squash seasoned with salt preserved lemons inside simple, perfect, homemade noodles. Topped with browned butter with fresh sage, this dish proves you don't need to get fancy to make something super delicious.

So, have we tempted you to try your hand at making ravioli? Erin says anyone can do it!

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