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Lamingtons - An Australian Sponge Cake

January 16, 2024 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 4 Episode 18
Three Kitchens Podcast
Lamingtons - An Australian Sponge Cake
Show Notes

This week on Three Kitchens Podcast, Erin decides to celebrate Australia Day with an Australian recipe for Lamingtons, a sponge cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.

There's some fun debate about how this recipe was first developed. Was it when a dinner guest accidentally dropped a piece of cake in gravy, which inspired the idea to dip it in chocolate?  Or was it Lord Lamington's personal French chef who came up with the idea on the fly to please last-minute guests? Who knows. However they were created, they are a delightful dessert (or tea cake, or snack for anytime).

Erin walks us through the challenges of baking with an original recipe published in The Queenslander Magazine in 1910. Erin actually ended up baking this twice because that old recipe just wasn't great. And the icing recipe was just plain weird. You'll have to listen in to hear what happened and what recipe she found to solve the problems. It seems not all sponge cakes are created equal...

In the end we absolutely loved these Lamingtons, and came up with all sorts of ideas for zhuzhing them up (think sprinkles, or nuts or jam!).

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