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Tamale Pie

January 09, 2024 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 4 Episode 17
Three Kitchens Podcast
Tamale Pie
Show Notes

This week on Three Kitchens Podcast, we try an American comfort food classic, a tamale pie. Think of a tamale - a variety of fillings, wrapped in a cornbread and steamed in a  corn husk. Deconstruct that by putting those fillings into a skillet, top with cornbread and bake in the oven.

So maybe it's not the real deal, but it is a great way to enjoy similar favours of a tamale with less work in the kitchen. Heather makes her tamale pie with leftover roast beef, which makes this even easier. You can use any leftovers you've got, or if you don't have any, grab a rotisserie chicken at the deli or brown some ground beef and you're good to go. We even think using leftover chili would be fantastic. Because who doesn't love cornbread with chili? And making it all in one skillet? Genius. And easy on the clean-up too.

What will you put in your tamale pie? 


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