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How to Host a Fabulous Festive Party: Tips from Lisa Baril

December 05, 2023 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 4 Episode 13
Three Kitchens Podcast
How to Host a Fabulous Festive Party: Tips from Lisa Baril
Show Notes

On this episode we get into the holiday spirit with our guest, Lisa Baril - a house party hostess who has really fine-tuned the art of throwing a party!

Lisa shares all her secrets for planning, grocery shopping, food prep, set up and decor. 

Just a few of Lisa's tips:

1. Decide who you're inviting - Lisa is big on curating, and that includes her party guests. What will they have to talk about? Are they the type of friends who will debate politics with Dad, or is it a group of families with kids about the same age?

2. Shop ahead - up to two weeks in advance for frozen and pantry items. And watch for deals!

3. Prep as much as possible the day before to make the day of the party as stress-free as you can.

4. Pay attention to decor - setting a magical scene really enhances a holiday party. Think sparkles and lights. 

5. Keep recipes simple - big on flavour but not requiring too much work to prepare, and easy to serve and eat.

6. A punch is a great drink option for all ages - keep alcohol separate for those who want to add it to their glasses.

We made three of Lisa's top menu items, meatballs, individual cheeseballs, and chocolate bark. Find links to those recipes below.

There's so much more in this episode! Enjoy! 

Episode Links
~ Lisa's Instagram
~ Mini-Cheese Ball Recipe
~ Party Meatballs
~ Chocolate Bark

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