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An Introduction to Caribbean Cooking with Chris De La Rosa of

November 07, 2023 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 4 Episode 9
Three Kitchens Podcast
An Introduction to Caribbean Cooking with Chris De La Rosa of
Show Notes

We're excited to welcome Chris De La Rosa to the podcast! Chris is the home cook behind the popular blog and YouTube channel, Caribbean Pot. He is on a mission to share the culture and food of the Caribbean with the world. We're happy to have him share with us some of the history of the cuisine of the Caribbean islands, and how he learned to cook by watching his parents and aunties in the kitchen.

When he moved to Canada and started his own family, there weren't Caribbean cook books to follow when teaching his children to cook. So he decided to start a blog to document these recipes, and took off! It has became a popular source of recipes and tutorials with thousands of home cooks all over the world. 

Chris has tips for expanding our repertoire to include the delicious food of the Caribbean. We made Chris' recipe for Trinidad and Tobago chicken pelau. In this one-pot rice dish, the chicken is browned in sugar for a caramel-like colour and extra flavour hit. Our chicken was a little pale - Chris would say it needs a tan! But that's ok. We will have lots of time to perfect our technique because we'll definitely be making this dish again and again! Erin has also made the Incredible Rib Pelau (link below), which is very different from the chicken, and it was a hit with her family. 

Be sure to make the Caribbean Green Seasoning to use in the pelau and other dishes, too. There's a great small batch recipe linked below. 

Follow along with Chris on and get cooking all that delicious Caribbean food!

Episode Links
~ Caribbean Green Seasoning Recipe
~ Chicken Pelau Recipe
~ Incredible Rib Pelau Recipe

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