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Get Creative with Corn: Fried Corn Polenta & A Corn Mochi Cake

October 24, 2023 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 4 Episode 7
Three Kitchens Podcast
Get Creative with Corn: Fried Corn Polenta & A Corn Mochi Cake
Show Notes

Erin is cooking with corn on Three Kitchens Podcast this week! She grew a pretty decent little crop of corn in her backyard garden and wanted to explore different ways to cook with it. If you love corn flavour like we do, you'll love these recipes.

First up, we've got fried corn polenta. Polenta is a northern Italian dish made of yellow cornmeal. It's soft and creamy when it's freshly cooked, with a texture similar to porridge. When it cools, it becomes firm enough to be easily sliced with a knife. When you've sliced up these beautiful little polenta cakes, you can fry them so they're crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But don't stop there! Do like Erin says and mix up a quick red pepper relish to serve with your fried polenta. You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll want to eat this delicious condiment on everything.

Second, she made us a mochi cake. Mochi is a Japanese dessert made of sweet glutinous rice flour. Mochi can be flavoured and coloured in a million different ways. Obviously, Erin made corn mochi. It was sweet and chewy and we couldn't stop eating it. This is absolutely corn flavour at it's best and freshest. If you love corn, you'll love this.

The fun doesn't end here! Chatting about these corn recipes brought to mind all sorts of other things we've made for past episodes - check out the links below!

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