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Our New Year Menu

December 28, 2021 ThreeKitchensPodcast Season 2 Episode 15
Three Kitchens Podcast
Our New Year Menu
Show Notes

It's the season for holiday finger foods and fun drinks, even if you enjoy them at home in your PJs. Hey, maybe you'll enjoy them even more that way!

We've whipped up three appetizers for Three Kitchens Podcast's New Years Menu - chicken empanadas, hummus and chimichurri on a baguette, and buffalo chicken wonton cups. They're varying degrees of work to prepare, and they're all really delicious.

We've also got two cocktails - an Asian Daisy and a Bourbon Sour - that'll kick your party into high gear. And if you want a non-alcoholic option, Erin made us a Melon Basil slushy mocktail that we loved! Pour a drink, grab your earbuds and join us!

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